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Powerpoints are NOT real powerful when learning the art of troubleshooting....


"We Bring the Factory into the Classroom" with our customized training equipment.

This section shows some of the equipment you and your employees would expect to see in our classes.

There are NO OTHER TRAINING COMPANIES that have this type of equipment.

We use real off the shelf products that you and your employees are familiar with, and use our years of field experience to create a factory experience in our classes.

Not all of this hardware is available in every class, just the classes where it is appropriate to the learning objectives. Some of this equipment is available only with custom onsite classes.

Click on the equipment below and get a description of what equipment is used in the classes and how it is used.



Our VFD trainer uses a PowerFlex 525 drive with all of the controls need to learn drives and drive set up.

Stop replacing electric motors that are still good! This simulator will train students to troubleshoot electric motors the right way!

When the 4 in 1 Electric Motor Troubleshooting Training Simulator is tested with meters it will simulate four separate common motor winding conditions.

1) A good wye wound motor stator coil

2) A shorted stator coil

3) An open stator coil

4) a ground fault leakage ( found only with a megaohmeter).

These are the most common failures found in three phase motors used in industry today!

This is our custom Motor Controls Work Station

It has 4 Lighted pushbuttons with NO and NC contacts on each

one EStop button

one 3 position selector switch


It will accomidate wide range of electrical parts and equipment by way of DIN rail mounting