Our Training Philosophy

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Our live classroom classes are populated with “differentiated content”. When we develop a class, we begin by cataloging every potentially valuable knowledge component. From this list of subjects, we differentiate the content between that which is most effectively learned in a live classroom and that which the learner can acquire on their own via online resources. We then make the list of online resources available to all registrants for that class. We also manage that content to keep it up to date and relevant to the learners assigned job skill set.

Our live classroom presenters do not parrot scripted content, nor are they allowed to read content from bulleted power points. Each slide used in class is a visual aid to interactive discussions with the learners. We are more interested in what the participants don’t know than delivering a list of subjects. We strive for the goal of relevant knowledge by adapting the discussion to each unique group of learners.

We specifically prepare our presenters to inspire all participants to learn, willing or unwilling.

We maximize the amount of hands-on experience, especially for those concepts that hands-on experience will solidify.