Troubleshooting/Motor Controls Classes

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Troubleshooting/Motor Controls

These classes have the following options:

•    Ladder Diagrams/Schematics for Maintenance Technicians
•    Motor Controls for Maintenance Technicians
•    Troubleshooting for Maintenance Technicians




This 2-day class is designed for technicians in the field responsible for installing, programming, troubleshooting, and retrofitting electric motor drives. This industry-leading resource begins with electric motor principles, power requirements, and control methods and focuses on the safe operation, installation, startup, and troubleshooting of electric motor drives.

This class is 50% Hands-On.

We use custom training equipment made to be just like the equipment on the floor.


We bring the "Factory into the Classroom" with our customized training equipment and Hand-On Exercises. These classes below can be taken as stand alone classes or combined to form a workshop:•     Ladder Diagrams/Schematics for Maintenance Technicians Motor Controls for Maintenance Technicians Troubleshooting for Maintenance Technicians - NOT A STAND-ALONE CLASS WORKSHOP ONLY